Sunday, March 22, 2009

gimme gimme gimme

gimme gimme gimme...more

let me drink first, NOW GIVE ME THAT MILK

21-Mar-09 24 days old

We are 24 days old today. Let's take a nice photo shoot for our cute faces. I bet you definitely can tell the difference this time, rite? see? our ears stand, yeh yeh. OK, say milk.... oh no, say cheezz

Eat, Sleep & Shit

alright.... We admit that what people say is true, being a baby is the most fortunate one. EAT, SLEEP & SHIT only... what can we say? we were caught in the act. Oops.... and PLAY too. hehehe

Tired Walking

I must take a rest after walking too much. Come on, this is the first day i walk..... I mean... really walk. ahhh.... have a break, have a kit... ey?? where's my kit kat?

14-Mar-09 Our 17th day

See? See? See? We can walk. HAHAHA Hooray!! Hooray!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playing Time

Time to do some exercise. Come, let's practise our punching.

11-Mar-09 14 days YOUNG

This is how we look at 14 days old. Can you see the difference?