Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing Time

Our playing time with care-taker, we like to play like that. At least we are getting used to the way he handles us. Oh yah! tentatively, we are given names as Biggie and Yellow Armpit. Why Yellow Armpit? becos the care-taker couldn't recognise which is which so he marked Yellow Armpit by little bit of yellow colour on it's armpit.

Biggie: I'm the one with my eyes closed.

Yellow Armpit: Oi! Why are you taking my picture when I'm looking down?


  1. Congratulation dapat anak serval baru..
    Bilalah saya nak bela serval mcm bro.

  2. OHMAGOWSH!!!! they are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!
    looking forward to the day when we can be in-laws perhaps? Do u kno, caretaker, if Biggie is a girl or boy and YellowArmpit? boy or girl? Then perhaps it may be easier to tell them apart? - Raja Izam Mansur