Sunday, March 22, 2009

gimme gimme gimme

gimme gimme gimme...more

let me drink first, NOW GIVE ME THAT MILK

21-Mar-09 24 days old

We are 24 days old today. Let's take a nice photo shoot for our cute faces. I bet you definitely can tell the difference this time, rite? see? our ears stand, yeh yeh. OK, say milk.... oh no, say cheezz

Eat, Sleep & Shit

alright.... We admit that what people say is true, being a baby is the most fortunate one. EAT, SLEEP & SHIT only... what can we say? we were caught in the act. Oops.... and PLAY too. hehehe

Tired Walking

I must take a rest after walking too much. Come on, this is the first day i walk..... I mean... really walk. ahhh.... have a break, have a kit... ey?? where's my kit kat?

14-Mar-09 Our 17th day

See? See? See? We can walk. HAHAHA Hooray!! Hooray!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playing Time

Time to do some exercise. Come, let's practise our punching.

11-Mar-09 14 days YOUNG

This is how we look at 14 days old. Can you see the difference?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drink Better

OK! OK! The taste is not that bad, I drink, OK? Use milking bottle instead of syringe, I'll suck myself. By the way, when will my ears grow as big as our mother's?
Care-Taker: "Que sera sera whatever will be will be"

Playing Time

Our playing time with care-taker, we like to play like that. At least we are getting used to the way he handles us. Oh yah! tentatively, we are given names as Biggie and Yellow Armpit. Why Yellow Armpit? becos the care-taker couldn't recognise which is which so he marked Yellow Armpit by little bit of yellow colour on it's armpit.

Biggie: I'm the one with my eyes closed.

Yellow Armpit: Oi! Why are you taking my picture when I'm looking down?


On our day 11th, this is our first meal by our care-taker. It was milk replacement, we didn't like the taste though. We were quite reluctant therefore were fed by syringe and only had a little. We hope we can accept it next time.

I have had enough, put me down now.

Showing my face

Our care-taker and me, i didn't really like it when he held me like this but it's ok as i want to show you guys my face. Now you see it?

Day 10th. First day without mother

We left mother on 07/03/09 as our care-taker thinks he wants to raise us up himself so that we will learn to socialise with our human friends.

Haha! We are measured longer than a Kilometrico pen.

Our father, Larry

This is our father, Larry. He is fierce but he won't attack, he just doesn't like people come close to him. He lives in a seperate room next to mother.

Our mother, Mary

We are please to introduce you our mother, Mary. She is more gentle compared to our father.

5 days old with mother

This is our nursing room. Our mother still taking care of us when we were 5 days old. The picture is quite dark because our mother didn't allow anybody come close to us eventhough for photo shooting.

Welcome to our serval growing moment blogging

We are 2 serval kittens, born on 25/02/09 Wednesday. Our parent are both from Texas, USA. Mother is Mary and father is Larry who are now living in Klang, Malaysia. We have lost our US citizenship and have adopted Malaysia as our home.